Hello world!

As part of the generation which did NOT grow up with computers, I am one of those who must of necessity “go out and ask a ten-year-old!” — or ask my children, who are a little older than that. I am so in awe of those in my age-group who have become very much accustomed to all the intricacies of technology. I became rather scared to try.                                                 However, not everything is as “instant” as all of that seems. Some things DO take time and the effort of constant practice and application, and this is where my own past steps in. I am a trained Primary School teacher who has for the last few decades (I don’t like to say how many!) taught piano privately and as an itinerant tutor. I have also trained as a tutor of children with learning disabilities; written many short stories for competitions and retold local history for children; followed up a rather delicious glitch in my family history and formulated it into a novel; worked on up-skilling for Copywriting (writing advertising copy); and tried to combine strong grammatical habits with a more modern voice.                                                                    All this gives rise to strong opinions and an unfortunate interest in too many topics, any of which could take over my life for a period of time — as some have. Having an “other half” also plays a part, and hence my Interest list: History, Piano performance, learning styles, crafts, steam trains, Art, Christian topics, home-making, pipe organ, penpals worldwide, rhyming verse, writing for children, writing of any sort (even this! so here we go).

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