What is the world coming to?

I was hopeful when a day or so ago, I read a news item detailing how (yet again) a possible cancer cure had been obtained. I was shocked when the news item then detailed how the doctor pioneering research into GcMAF (which was found to reverse autism and shrink cancer tumours), had his home raided by health authorities and three days later was found shot and lying in a river. He was Dr Jeff Bradstreet. I was totally aghast to read on that recently, all within the space of a month, this man and five other doctors in Florida with a connection to Dr Bradstreet and/or an interest in cancer cures were found dead: Dr Holt and Dr Hedendal the same day; Dr Shwartz murdered in his home four weeks after Dr Bradstreet; Dr Riley shot in her head; Dr Sievers murdered in her home. It doesn’t take great powers of reason and deduction to cause one to wonder what is happening. Large companies determined to protect their income can hold to ransom their country and perhaps others, for the sake of the Big Buck. Since I have only seen these details in one report I’d encourage you to google these names (I hope all are spelled correctly) and decide for yourself which of those set in positions of authority and influence over us actually do have public interests at heart.

P.S. I subsequently found a report on http://www.Snopes.com that shows both sides to the question.


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