Protecting ourselves intelligently

When faced with an enemy, one way of dealing with the danger is to ask ourselves: What do I know about this enemy? Can I take any of my enemy’s characteristics and turn that against it?

That’s exactly what we can do with cancer. I refuse to give it a big c. It’s a huge, looming threat in this modern and very technological world, but let’s remove some of its potential sting.

Let’s begin to use what we know about it, as weapons against it.

I read that research scientists growing cancer cells in petri dishes discovered these three basic ways to potentiate the growth of the tumours: Firstly, the quickest growth occurred when the environment had less oxygen. Secondly, any access the tumour had to the presence of sugar hastened growth. Thirdly, the cancer thrived better in an acidic environment.

That’s putting it simply, but the simpler the better if it makes it seem more likely that we can gain a strategy from that knowledge.

So what can any person do if the shadow of cancer is present, suspected, or hanging overhead in the form of family history? What can we suggest to friends who are going through the process? We can learn from those discoveries above and…

STOP PUTTING SUGAR INTO OUR BODIES in any form. That involves cutting out processed and sweet things, even fruit juice. Use natural sweeteners instead: Stevia, Xylitol, Betta-Sweet, Trehalose. When fed sugar, cancer cells have a party! Why be the host of that party? Cancer is an uninvited guest which, if undernourished, may choose to slink offsite when the NaturalKiller-cell police come looking.

GET MORE OXYGEN circulating in our bodies. Anybody knows that exercise will go a long way. But also there are products such as Cellfood (in small bottles from the health shop, of which you take a few drops each day). In order to help oxygen reach the cellular level I have managed to use Hydrogen Peroxide, but the instructions for its dilution and use must be followed carefully. Online search engines will come up with supply and details if you care to try. Oxygen will be more available to your body if you train yourself to do abdominal breathing using your diaphragm.

ALKALIZE OUR BODY TERRAINS. Online or in a health shop you will find liquids that alkalize drinking water. A cheaper, simpler way is to have 3 drinks of water spread during the day, each with one raised teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda stirred in. My GP told me I could safely take 20g daily, so I ordered “pharmaceutical quality’ Sodium Bicarbonate from the chemist, which was a cheap purchase. Buy strips for measuring pH levels, too (acid/alkali) and look online for advice about alkaline foods. However, none of these efforts will go far if you are a person harbouring constant feelings of anger that acidify your body — so, throw away all perceived hurts! Flush ’em away down the toilet, with the sugar!

Those are just some ideas for any person who wants to be protected … and not just from cancer. It will go a fair way to keep you out of the reach of other modern illnesses that depend on those same weaknesses in order to gain a hold.

All this is borne out in the books and online sites I read; in the testimonials there, and in my own experience. It was a time when I had failed my body and needed to follow Henry Ford’s advice: “Failure is the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”.

Those three steps above are just the beginning.





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