Apologies to my Body!

Greetings to my Body! You are the only one I will ever have in this world, so I must respect you and acknowledge what you do for me. Brain and Gut together, you make decisions without consulting “me” (meaning my Will, which is separate from you) and I expect you know best.

But I will try to observe what is happening in my Body and to ask myself why, especially if there’s any way I’m sabotaging you, my one-and-only Body.

You have housed and served me well! It took a cancer threat to get me considering you more. I learned a lot from that, and adapted my regime.

The new lifestyle didn’t last forever. I keep falling by the wayside. Brain, you need to remind me of my intentions, repeatedly! Please!

I can’t acquire lots of sophisticated equipment, but I have collected information. I know how to oxygenate and alkalize my body. I know how to keep it largely free from food additives which are there for reasons of profit and not for health. There’s a lot of information for me to sift through and discover what I think I CAN do for you, my Body.

In return you will keep my thinking and memory clear, and help me rejoice in being alive. And I’ll try to find occasion to pass on this wisdom to others.

Body, I know that I can affect your chemical balance by my emotions, so I’ll try to keep those positive. I’m aware of the complexity of the interactions between your systems, so I’ll consider the total terrain and seek to protect you and arm you with nutrition that can only help.

From now on I shall look on you as a container, within which my immune system will work to deal with anything toxic. I’ll give it the ammunition!

It seems that any symptom I might notice is not only indicative of a problem in one particular area, but also that my total immune system is not completely coping with all problems in that container’s terrain. Therefore each time I add ONE positive thing regarding my total health — any ONE more thing I can place in that container — any habit changed for the better — I am gradually equipping you with the raw material, the wherewithal to address more problems. This will free up your resources to allow you to shift attention and render that one observable, but possibly unrelated, symptom obsolete.

I feel it already, Body, when other people complain of the ‘flu but it’s never come near me.

So, I shall continue to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and nuts, to minimise the use of processed foods and cooking fat. I do not intend that my desire for taste sensations will dictate what or how much I eat, or at what rate and under what conditions (I was being kind to myself there, Body: what I really meant to say was that I won’t pig-out).

I know that you, my Body, have mechanisms for triggering feelings of repletion when I’ve eaten what is sufficient, and I don’t intend to undermine that, but to take heed instead. That means I need to eat slowly with a great deal more self-restraint than I currently possess. Oh, yes…

So, my poor Body, your biggest enemy is ME! Me, who knows better but has still to get her act together.

In the meantime, accept my thanks. Thanks to the Hands that complete so many intricate tasks. Thanks to the Brain that thinks through so much each day. Thanks to the Feet that support and transport more than they should.

I am in awe of the functions God gave you, and which you diligently perform despite my diffuse and undisciplined efforts. Until I acquire the self-restraint necessary to implement the huge amount of information that was waiting for me out there, know that I acknowledge my indebtedness to you.

2 thoughts on “Apologies to my Body!

  1. So much love and understanding of your body would surely pay off, and it’s great you didn’t give up on it after your cancer threat – you are very strong 🙂 . We only have one body in this one life here, and it’s what was given to us from birth- it makes sense to give it the utmost TLC – thank you for sharing this perspective here!


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