Serious about Weight Loss [1]

On 2 September 2015 I blogged “Apologies to my Body” and really meant it. Yep. I was going to change… well, lots of habits! And bring in new ones. And all this was going to make me more healthy and something approaching trim (approaching from quite some distance, but nevertheless getting closer). That was THEN. […]

The Frustrated Gardener

Beautiful, vibrant gardens both thrill and depress me. I am horticulturally challenged, and I suspect the condition is terminal. I kill my pots of mint and parsley with consummate ease. My children grew up flattening my azalea shrubs playing cricket, and each time my parents visited they felt obliged to try to ‘rescue’ my garden. I purchased an expensive […]

The Potential for NASTY

Last week I attended the movie THE EXPERIMENTER out of interest since it featured what appeared to be Sociological content. My background of teacher training many moons ago included learning of some of the experiments which, I was to discover, were covered in the movie. I couldn’t call it ‘entertainment’, and in fact people ahead of me […]

Spin a Fine Yarn

This knotty tale unravelled one day in 1999 in Tasmania, Australia’s southern island. Here is an extract from a newspaper article I wrote about my parents’ experience. Expo, symposium: call it what you like. In amongst people of like mind you are offered the chance to re-create yourself, to find a new you. But not usually this way. […]

A Matter of Course

Not much thinking is needed to realise that what the current younger generation sees as an expected right or resource may well have been entirely absent two generations ago. And what were accepted practices then, may now — sadly or gladly — be absent. My most shattering eye-opener was at a family reunion when Dad gave […]


Fresh off the press is FIFTEEN REASONS FOR A LATE NIGHT, the first of a series of Short Story Anthologies. The stories, written by Felicity Logan, vary from humorous letters and whimsical tales to speculative and science fiction. Some deal with topics such as retaining independence in old age, intersections in Time, and disturbing family secrets. […]