Fresh off the press is FIFTEEN REASONS FOR A LATE NIGHT, the first of a series of Short Story Anthologies. The stories, written by Felicity Logan, vary from humorous letters and whimsical tales to speculative and science fiction.

Some deal with topics such as retaining independence in old age, intersections in Time, and disturbing family secrets. A number of them have been place-getters in short story competitions, and none are more than 11 pages.

From the back cover blurb: “What has a motley assortment of cats, a ghost or two, a succession of funeral caskets, a locked parlour with an old piano, a jazz ensemble, a Maori legend, a doorstop in the form of the Queen, and an unwanted lover?

“Who is stalked by cell-phones, is locked in a Dementia wing, has dreams where he murders unintentionally, has sphincter muscles under pressure, or pigs out when he visits mother?

“How many powers has Jake who works for Population Control? Who else has the sang-froid of the mystery mourner?”

The answers are all inside the first of this series. The volume has 84 pages and makes an ideal gift. My favourite is ‘Faking It’ about a woman making inroads into Jazz.

Print copies are available ex New Zealand, or PDF files available via email. Please email an enquiry re price/postage/payment online or via Paypal, to:

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