Serious about Weight Loss [1]

On 2 September 2015 I blogged “Apologies to my Body” and really meant it. Yep.

I was going to change… well, lots of habits! And bring in new ones. And all this was going to make me more healthy and something approaching trim (approaching from quite some distance, but nevertheless getting closer).

That was THEN. This is NOW, and only some of it’s happened. However even if I haven’t managed to action something intended, I’d like to pass on some of what I’ve learned from various sources. You might like to try these ideas, or know somebody who is looking for what to try.

I tend to collect information and don’t spend enough time to put it into action so don’t fall for that! Google these ideas perhaps, but I already have, so for increased weight loss you could just give it a go!

What can be tackled with next-to-no cost? Sleeping longer, and in complete darkness with no appliances operating near your bedside (blackout blinds/curtains are a great investment). Drinking plenty of filtered water, adding a squeeze of lemon juice (great with hot water); drinking green tea. Serving your meals on smaller-sized plates, but drinking from larger glass tumblers. Consuming 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar daily, diluted to taste — but it must be a brand which contains the “mother”, the ingredient with the medicinal qualities, so may have to be purchased from a health shop.

Banishing as much plastic as possible (it contains obesogens such as BPA, along with processed foods and some food additives). Banishing the microwave [Wha-a-a-t??] because it reduces the vitamin content in food and denatures the proteins — so you get less value from what you eat. Taking longer to eat a meal, especially by smaller mouthfuls and chewing each mouthful more. Working out before breakfast.

Also without any extra cost: When watching television, NOT using remote controls but walking to the set — or, if using the remote, only use it to mute the advertisements which are a cue to do a handful of push-ups or stepping onto a stool, or going to do a task at the other end of the house. Taking a photo of everything you eat within one week, and compiling into a (shocking???) computer file. Baking food instead of frying it, to reduce acrylamides (I seldom need to buy cooking oil, and coconut oil appears best). Deep abdominal breathing using your diaphragm.

There’s no cost in reducing the use of chemicals in your home and garden: you just have to shop differently, or pour boiling water on weeds, and possibly you’ll spend more time so it depends on your willingness to do so. There are websites dedicated to cheap and natural gardening tips.

I did make purchases that cost initially, but had saving elsewhere. I have a steam-cleaner for surfaces and a steam-mop for floors: both save spending on cleaners. Those nutrition extractors are great, pulverising together foods you’d maybe not combine, and securing a couple of your desired fruit/veggie servings for the day. Mine gets my husband obediently drinking what he would never eat by choice, gets a greater variety into our diet and cuts out a little cooking for the evening meal.

Very recently I purchased a PowerFit exercise machine which was expensive. It claims the vibrations are a way to burn away stored fat, build bone density and improve circulation and metabolism. The jury is out on that — early days yet. But with a CD playing alongside I can do the standing things, and with a book to read I can do the sitting things. I’m getting to see that it’s time I owe myself.

Out in the car, what to do to encourage weight loss? Parking downtown some distance from where you need to be, or at the supermarket using the most distant spot. Using stairs, not lifts (sigh!). Tightening tummy as you walk or drive — try to get your navel to touch your spine… well, some things are impossible, but it’s all in the trying!

What increases your metabolic rate? Here are a few of many: Drinking iced water first thing in the morning, and the same again an hour after every meal. Brushing all your dry skin before a shower, directing all strokes towards your heart. Bouncing on a rebounder (mini-trampoline).

Then there’s doing a series of Sudden Dashes. It makes use of the “Flight or Fight” reaction and release of adrenalin. Find a reasonably private place where you can run to and fro across a stretch in sudden bursts as if a tiger is chasing you… stopping for a breather (pat the tiger), then the same again. Repeat several times until heartbeat is raised. A similar principle is, if out having a walk, WALK from one power-pole (or other regular marker) to the next, then RUN to the next one. Keep alternating.

What can be tackled by changing your shopping habits? A lot! Eating better is as good as eating less. And what can be tackled by taking supplements? These are topics I’ll have to save for post #2 on the same subject… time to head off and actually DO some of these things.

Watch for Serious about Weight Loss [2], but do read the others! Comments welcomed.




One thought on “Serious about Weight Loss [1]

  1. I’m afraid the only one of these things I do regularly is use stairs and avoid elevators. I don’t use the remote with the TV, but I can’t really claim credit for that since it’s only because my children never let the remote out of their sight.

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