Serious about Weight Loss, #3

Ah! I never promised a third part, but here it is… and I’m trying to add what I didn’t say in #1 and #2.

Finally today I replenished the ice-cubes in the freezer, knowing that an iced water upon getting up in the morning, and another an hour after lunch, both help to speed up the metabolism up to an extra 30% for a couple of hours. Other things to drink are: iced tea, preferably made from a combination of various organic green tea-bags, with a squeeze of lemon added to each glass. If having wine, make it dry red (Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet).

First thing in the morning, the recommendation is to have 1 tablespoon psyllium husks (work up to it from 1 teaspoon, or replace half with chia seeds) mixed with iced tea or water — to clean you out, anticipating that to deal with a clogged system will lose you some weight.

Eat foods with a high water content — tomatoes, watermelon, oranges, grapes etc., to fill you up but not add pounds. Eat 1/2 grapefruit daily, and take or use coconut oil, chili peppers and cayenne pepper. Add cinnamon or turmeric to whatever you possibly can. Anything from 1-6 grams cinnamon daily is good (you can buy capsules and get it that way, but take those along with food). Avocados are filling and reduce the appetite.

Mix a cupful of cottage cheese with your choice of nuts, berries, vanilla, cinnamon, tomatoes, stevia…anything healthy in combinations that you like (I ate it mixed with flaxseed oil and salad ingredients as part of a cancer protocol). And always keep quick-snacks in the fridge in zip-top bags with sticks of celery which you can dip into almond butter. Grab a bag for your car’s glove-box or your laptop bag whenever you head off for work.

Other times if you feel hungry: drink, or brush your teeth instead.

Big meals should be preceded by an intensive exercise session of high-intensity activity. Potato or white rice, normally OFF the list entirely, would be safe to eat following this sort of exercise. Only eat grass-fed meat. Don’t have any sugar as part of the meal: have a walk instead, to stimulate muscle contractions.

Avoid food additives (see my blog about toxic food a few days back) and if you can’t remember which are the bad ones, follow this rule: if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it (because it’s probably a non-food). Don’t use any “fat-free” dressings: they sound good, but your body needs fats for absorption of nutrients — instead, opt for a drizzle of balsamic vinegar or extra-virgin olive oil.

Restaurants usually serve huge portions, so take a spare container  or ask them to serve half of it into a takeaway container, or make sure there is cutlery so two of you can share. Generally I prefer a restaurant “brunch” with meat and salad and then don’t need another substantial meal for the rest of the day anyway — dinner will just be a small snack.

This is all dependent upon remembering these facts and somehow changing one’s inclinations: putting the lifestyle changes into place and then perpetuating them. It’s a tall order unless you have a partner or friend who will expect you to tow the line.

Some recommendations that are not to do with food: get plenty of sleep, which is a better way to get the required melatonin than taking melatonin capsules. Drinking tart cherry juice is a natural way to get it. Watch less television but make most of it comedies: this affects your body chemistry positively. During commercial breaks do push-ups, or stepping onto a stool — for me, this is when I can pick up the arm-weights and perform exercises to tighten upper-arm flab.

Can you find some “fat” picture in magazines and stick those to the refrigerator? Of course you could put up one of yourself, but that’s not being kind to self. You could put up a “skinny” photo also, to spur you on. When you wake in the morning, make it a routine to suck in your tummy (trying to make navel reach your spine), hold for 1/4 minute then relax: repeat 4 times. Also do this while driving the car or walking down the street whenever you think of it.

Sometimes just sit in the quiet and become aware of your body: “listen” to it in case it has a message — but reject a “cookie time” message. Keep track of your Body Mass Index (BMI websites help you  calculate it). Take fish oil (or krill oil which has addition of astaxanthan) and also take 200mg daily of ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) with any carb-containing meal. And increase the distances you walk.

Well I can’t brag: for much of that I haven’t got around to buying what’s required to put it into practice. But I’d be very pleased if it’s given you some hints for feasible change!


3 thoughts on “Serious about Weight Loss, #3

  1. Eh, cinnamon is good for dieting? Yay, that’s great! I’ll have a couple of cinnamon rolls for breakfast every morning and possibly one for supper at night as part of my weight loss regimen. 🙂


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