Anybody and everybody needs to think on this topic — because you have a body that is affected by the environment and by lifestyle choices. And that body is encased by your biggest organ — skin, which also deserves consideration!

I’ll list positive things you can do to reduce your Toxic Burden, knowing that there are many other additions made to that burden by the decisions of others. So let’s at least do, or change, what we can. Perhaps to start with whatever measures cost the least:

Drink a lot of water and lose excess weight (fat cells store toxins, and water flushes them out). Wash new clothing to remove chemical treatments. Aim at 8-9 hours of sleep as often as possible. Grow a vegetable garden: eat foods that are highly coloured, and eat them raw, steamed or in a stir-fry. Avoid over-ripe fruit, burned food or food cooked over a flame (dripping fat becomes altered, and its smoke is poisoned). Eat alkaline foods and no white bread, less processed or refined food. Drink herbal teas. Sprout seeds for inclusion in salads etc.

Avoid working under fluorescent lights or in air-conditioning: if those are a fact of life, make sure you also get a good dose of natural things. Walk barefoot in the grass at least once daily, and spend time beside naturally flowing water and trees. Enjoy nature! Have Power Naps. Breathe from the diaphragm (taking longer to breathe OUT than you take to breathe IN). Use gloves when cleaning and gardening. In your dwelling do not use bug-bombs, aerosols, solvents or fragrances. I have good success with a fly-swat since my kitchen has light-coloured surfaces and it’s easy to take aim.

Don’t put on your skin what you wouldn’t eat — but be aware that personal hygiene products listing “natural” ingredients may contain toxins as well as the good stuff. As far as possible go organic for toiletries, cleaners and garden products. Rather than stock up at a pharmacy, grow an aloe vera plant and have a supply of colloidal silver.

These are definitely free: forgive others; shove any grudges; live optimistically and with contentment; spend time with friends and watch comedies and laugh often, especially a deep-belly “HOHO” like Santa Claus, knowing that this releases beneficial chemicals into your system. If you already have a cordless phone, adjust your posture so that your body and head is never between it and the power source. If you haven’t got one, don’t get one: they emit EMFs continually.

On the subject of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies, replace your clock-radio that’s plugged in beside your bed with a reliable battery-operated alarm clock. Turn off electric blankets and anything else electrical in your bedroom as you sleep (My exception there, is a Himalayan salt lamp which is turned on all the time to purify the air). Beside your TV set and your computer have a leafy pot-plant or a salt lamp. You can buy battery shields for cellphones.

In the kitchen, BAN the microwave: turn it off at the wall. Plan better regarding defrosting frozen items, and heat food in saucepans or oven. Instead of aluminium, plastic and non-stick utensils, use stainless-steel, enamel, glass and ceramics for food preparation and storage.

More food considerations: eat fruit in the morning while your body is doing a natural detox. Use sun-dried sea-salt which is more alkalising. Don’t eat smoked meats (I was so sorry to see smoked fish go off the menu!) or preserved food with nitrites, or food additives. Use lots of spices and herbs especially curry powder and cinnamon. Replace sugar with Stevia or Xylitol or other natural alternative, not with chemicals.

Onto some items that will require expenditure. Purchase a water filter for the kitchen, and one for each shower (especially if you have a shower dome, which intensifies the presence of chlorine and other contaminants). Have occasional detox baths in Epsom Salts or Himalayan salts, and buy detox pads to place on the soles of your feet overnight, periodically (you’ll see in the morning what has come out).

There are many detox products, some already in complete packs to address (in this order) first the colon, then any parasites, then liver, finally blood — or you can buy separate products and take one step at a time. You can also buy Heavy Metal Detox products. Avoid long-life bulbs with mercury: there are alternatives!

Quite a lot more expenditure may be required to visit a holistic dentist but it’s especially worthwhile if you have a cancer diagnosis. He can remove any amalgam fillings and replace with white fillings. Such a person will advise against root canals and suggest that dead teeth should be removed so as not to poison your system.

This may be a very big Ask. I find it hard to keep up these measures: they need to become a habit, yet can still fall into the wayside. However, do as much of this as possible and you’ll be acting purposefully. Your body will be grateful, and you’ll never know what diseases or conditions you may be preventing!


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