Weight Loss #4 follow-up

After blogging “Apologies to my Body” I determined to cease being my own body’s worst enemy. I was going to change my Will which, after all, is the main determiner as to what enters my body. My three blogs [Weight Loss #1, #2 and #3] outlined all the dangers I’d found in everyday life which, despite us living quite sensibly, still manage to make the weight creep up… and up… until we turn around and discover there’s a lot more to us than we’d like.

Several times I’d read that Blood Pressure medications can interfere with our attempts to lose weight, and actually cause it to pile on. Maybe somebody has proved that somewhere, but maybe I could test the statement. For some years I’d been on two medications of which one is a diuretic — yet my feet have swollen a great deal, and it’s years since I’ve felt my ankle bones, let alone seen them! With such pudgy ankles, ‘capri’ pants are NOT for me!

So I told my doctor I wanted to test out this claim: would he please halve my blood pressure medication, and I’d use supplements to help towards the (hopeful) transition to managing things naturally. Weight loss was of course the intention, but while my Action Plan had started to trim my body, it had not yet resulted in actual weight loss.

It might be one of those circles you can’t easily escape: obesity driving up the blood pressure, and medication preventing weight loss. I was determined to find out.

“Well then, we’ll take away one tablet, but come back in three weeks for the nurse to do a BP reading,” said the doctor.

“Clearly, the diuretic part of that tablet wasn’t working,” I said. “I’d like to keep that tablet to see if it will now work as I hope.” So we scrapped the other. I got out the olive leaf extract, apple cider vinegar and ordered various other supplements such as green tea capsules where each capsule is the equivalent of 20 cups of assorted green teas.

On the third morning I was delighted to find I was suddenly 2kg down! I discovered I could now feel my ankle bones, and there was no constriction when I flexed my feet upwards. Within another week I’d lost another kilo and already found it easier to kneel and rise, and to pull on clothing. I realised it was probably all due to the diuretic now working — which gave rise to the question: was one tablet preventing the other from doing all it should?

I saw the nurse as requested. My BP reading was up rather than down, so for a while I’ll maintain the current regime of water, supplements, exercise machine etc., with one addition — going for walks. These I’d had to stop because even an 18-minute-round-the-block walk would stretch in time as I soon got a sore lower back or heel and had to lean against fences here and there en route for relief. However, losing a handful of kilos meant I had an hour’s walk yesterday down and around the CBD with no pain.

Hopefully, a daily walk will now be more possible, despite winter weather in the southern hemisphere! Surely this will make my Weight Loss regime more likely to work. And if I’ve been wasting money on slimming attempts for years, while a medication was subverting my efforts, then I hope this warning will put somebody else onto the right track.

I hope!




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