Being pro-active regarding your Health

Here’s a little story which will, I hope, encourage you to take an active part in your health decisions — because, if you’ve done your ‘homework’ you might just be right! Besides, health professionals see you infrequently and see so many other patients that they cannot be expected to remember all your little concerns, and are not likely to be spending their spare time looking up approaches that are not mainstream or not normally pursued in the practice where they work.

Plus, they won’t be as motivated as you to persist.

I once (years ago!), while cooking for the family, tipped over a pot of soup and scalded my upper arm badly. When it healed I was pleased that the damaged nerves were restored, but it had left me with an angry blotchy pink area of raised keloid scars, often itchy.

Soon after I read in a magazine about a new silicone pad said to be able to flatten keloid scars, developed by a professor in our country. I wrote a letter to the university professor to ask how I could get hold of one, and he kindly responded, but only to say “Wait and see what a plastic surgeon says.”

On my next visit to my GP I asked him if he would access the gel pad for me to try. He said “Wait and see what the plastic surgeon says.”

Hmm. I waited: in due course was referred to a plastic surgeon who said that rather than do a skin graft, I should see a physiotherapist.

On to the therapist! She looked at my arm and said “There’s this new thing I haven’t used yet, a silicone pad. Please take it, try it and tell me how it works.” And she gave me exactly what I’d asked for months previously.

Yes, applying the pad did make an improvement, I was able to report. Still some discolouration and altered skin texture remained, and it was only half flattened. Our public health system offered no alternatives, and I could live with it.

Years later I had a cancer battle. Determined to decide my own regime of natural therapies, I read all I could lay my hands on or find on Internet — noted what might help me, and how they might work together (there are some combinations to avoid).  As a musician I am very aware of frequencies, and looked into a tonic named Protocel or Entelev. It lowers the electrical frequency of every cell in your body, so that none are operating at 100% or wherever they were, while cancer cells (which exist at a lower frequency) are forced sufficiently far downwards that they enter a danger zone where the body’s Natural Killer Cells more readily recognise them as “non-self” and destroy them.

Well, that’s my memory of how it was designed to work — don’t take my remembered details as biological gospel. My order arrived from Ecuador and I used it for 3-4 months.

I kept doing research in case I was going to need to take another tack. In the process I came upon a web page that, based on people’s feedback, gave an indication which natural therapies worked on what cancers, and where they weren’t effective. Oh dear: while Protocel worked well on some cancers, mine was not one of those.  However a previous person had noted that while using the tonic they’d noticed that their keloid scars had flattened…

I chuckled, and put my hand inside my sleeve to feel where I’d scalded myself, feeling for the scars. I felt around … and felt around … then because I couldn’t find it, I looked. The patch was a lighter colour and perfectly flat. My NK cells had detected the scar tissue and removed it! An unexpected bonus!

Of course, given the choice, I’d have gone for the healing I desired, and to heck with a skin disfigurement!  But ever since then I’ve had faith in my decisions. And although I did eventually have some surgery for the cancer issue, I’ve learned a lot about how you can help yourself, if you can persist when not many around you are backing you up.

So, don’t just sit back and wait to be told what to do … look into the possibilities yourself, which will include (but won’t be limited by) what health professionals offer.



2 thoughts on “Being pro-active regarding your Health

  1. I’m sure I read this post before, so I was a little surprised to find I hadn’t commented on it. I certainly agree that it’s a good idea to keep abreast of developments and to be unafraid to pursue matters if there’s something that looks like it will work. I have a lot of respect for health professionals, but they’re only human and they can’t be expected to know everything. If there’s a new treatment or procedure that could help a patient, it’s in everyone’s best interests to hear about it.


    1. Anybody I know who’s had a hospital stay has praised the efforts made on their behalf (myself included) so there’s no questioning their concern. They are however rather hemmed in by normal practice and aren’t necessarily able to consider alternatives. What helped eradicate these scars most was a decades-old remedy overlooked by doctors because it is herbal, whereas they’re obliged to follow another path. It would take a GP many hours to look into this to his/her satisfaction and there would be professional risk in doing so. Much guidance comes from the recently-updated “The Truth About Cancer” DVD series which does include many specialist doctors as well as naturopaths etc. Highly recommended!

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