When Cancer goes shopping

Cancer likes to give itself a capital C. And it likes to call the shots. What would the Big C choose if it had the freedom of my supermarket?

I don’t imagine it would be impressed by the vegetable and meat departments and deli which it must first pass through. Nothing much of interest there!  But it would come to a screeching halt at the Pick’n’Mix, where, amongst the healthy stuff, are Jersey Caramels and even dried pineapple with concentrated sweetness. If it kept left from there it would pass the breakfast cereals and be sure to grab Sugar Puffs and Fruit Loops.

Ignoring the frozen seafood and the salads departments it would turn into the packaged desserts aisle and have a wonderful time, then halt at the jam shelves — oh what bliss!

Pass by the household cleaners and pet food: here’s the biscuit and cake aisle! As if that were not enough of a field-day, there’s the area with baking ingredients and it would just love you to make a self-saucing pudding oozing with rich chocolate. It might linger at all the various sugars but — oh joy! — the next aisle is confectionary, carbonated drinks and snack packs, leading to a view of the locally-baked goods corner.

To top it all off, very handy are the frozen desserts. And the cigarettes accessible at the checkout. Quite a haul altogether!

But let’s give “the Big C” its just desserts. It CAN NOT go shopping at my supermarket.

Why not? If it is in residence inside my body, known or unknown, in small measure or large, diagnosed or undiagnosed, it is there confined — and not by my invitation. I call the shots. That is its problem.

I alone get to determine what food is available to it. I decide what goes in the shopping basket or trolley. If it is heaped high, it will be with what items I choose. And I know enough about cancer to be able to use its weaknesses as a weapon against it.

And I don’t give it a capital C.

Medical researchers cultivated cancer in dishes and in the process found what measures helped it grow. It loved an acidic environment and did better on reduced oxygen. And it feeds on sugar.

Surely our response to a cancer threat ought to centre on using those three characteristics against it?

That of course is easier said than done, but the bulk of the battle has already been fought. Mr Google can be your friend here, since he has access to lists of alkaline foods (and foods that become alkaline inside your body) that will alter your inner terrain. He knows where to go to shop for alkalising liquids to add to your drinks. And you may know that prevailing moods such as anger and resentment have an acidic effect on your body and need to be dealt with. That old saying “Laughter is the best medicine” has lasted for generations, for good reason: that reason being the beneficial chemicals that laughter releases into your body’s terrain.

You’ve heard so often about the benefits of exercise, but did you know that one is how it oxygenates your system? And Health shops stock supplements including liquid-oxygen that can be added by drops to give your system a kick-start, and other supplements to help deliver oxygen to the cells where it will threaten the viability of those cancer cells trying to make inroads. Websites that centre on natural health therapies have a mine of information to help YOU be the determiner of the state of your health and whether or not certain atypical cells within your body terrain will ever get the upper hand.

The biggest and perhaps easiest weapon you can use against cancer is to deny it its food source. So when I tread the aisles of the supermarket I can at every step make cancer-denying decisions.

I might train myself to look on Ingredients panels and do some quick and easy maths: divide the number of grams of sugar per serving by 5, and that is the number of teaspoons of sugar represented per serving. This is a scarier way to represent the threat! It might be a sufficient fright to encourage me to adapt my shopping list! (Did I hear that Big C voice inside say “Yay, party coming up!”?)

Instead of sugary food, or indeed carbohydrates that will turn into sugar inside my body, I will head for green and fresh food that I can eat uncooked. If it is grown organically or in my own backyard, so much the better! I will avoid all processed foods because there are so many food additives and processes that are toxic to the human body or cancer-friendly. I need not eat large servings of meat because there’s so much protein available in a variety of vegetables. I will try to create a supply of attractive green salads in my refrigerator so that I won’t be looking for the cancer-friendly alternatives.

Thus weakened by a lack of what they like best, any cancer cells in my body are more vulnerable to my immune system and its mechanisms such as the natural killer cells that hunt out and destroy “non-self”. If I have had a cancer diagnosis I might find online those hundreds of testimonies revealing that a vegetarian lifestyle (or at the very least a sugar-free diet) will prolong life and often beat the cancer, combining well with any medical treatments undertaken.

Why feed cancer? Learning what to embrace and what to avoid certainly takes time, but it gives us much more control and that is a wonderful feeling and a beneficial effect.

And actually, once you start looking for information you’ll follow links and a whole world will open. Information, opinions and testimonies will come to you — some you will discard, some will make your jaw drop. My start was at naturalnews.com which is more general, and recently for any news about cancer prevention the best start is at thetruthaboutcancer.com. Also, look back on my other blog topics, because a lot of them are relevant to this topic and are the result of a lot of time spent with the many e-zines you may start to receive if you elect to do so.

Don’t set up a party for that interloper which wants a capital c. All human cells have built-in self-destruct mechanisms for when they go awry, therefore reprogram your body terrain so that a cancer’s destiny is reduced to just that one option.

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2 thoughts on “When Cancer goes shopping

  1. I didn’t know about sugary foods and cancer. That’s rather a blow to me given my sweet tooth. I had heard that food with a lot of roughage is good, though. Luckily, I like gnawing on a raw carrot, stick of celery or lump of wood if I can get it.


  2. Now, somewhere in the distant past I remember reading that animals gnaw posts on fences because it gives them potassium (same as kids chewing the pale inside layers of grass stems). It also said potassium supports hair growth. Now I know why you have a bag over your head — you need a haircut?


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