Another anthology from THORNICROFT HOUSE


As promised, there is now a second anthology of sixteen short stories with a similar variety to the first. Seven of them have been placed in competitions, read over the radio and/or published in magazines. All are written by Felicity Logan and none are more than 11 pages. As a bonus, in what would have been blank pages, short rhyming verse has been inserted.

Stories vary from futuristic to romantic, autobiographical to whimsical, adapted fairy tale to science fiction. Themes include Self worth and misjudging others, overcoming pride, coping with technology, dementia, revenge, networking, superstition, humanity’s place in the world and the contribution of the elderly.

The back cover blurb promises: “WARNING! People DIE or DISAPPEAR in this book! Yes, they visit other dimensions, battle mice, endure visits from rellies, perform Funny Walks, lose control of computer files, and fear for their sanity… But they also gather on the road for a party, kiss frogs, score a posthumous victory…” and of course there’s the young woman who lands a real hunk in a power cut.

This anthology of 110 pages would have to be an ideal gift for a person who prefers short reads and a chance to chuckle at human stupidity. Or a chance to wallow in sinister goings-on in a small movie theatre, or what might happen when playing with virtual reality.

To buy copies: this second anthology may be purchased directly from online shop ( 19008645). Print copies of the first are only procurable from THORNICROFT HOUSE in New Zealand, as is a special deal for buying both anthologies at NZ$32. For international orders (postage, payment) or to order PDF files to be emailed to you, enquire:

[NZ purchases, First anthology $20+post $2.50; second anthology $15+post $2.50; buy both for $32+post $4. Email for payment options]

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