Finger-Nibbling at Midnight

A celebration of the Wonderful Words in the World of Freelance Writing.                                                                                                                                                                                 I wrote this after completing a writers’ course on Non-fiction writing. I recall the writers’ course which got me hooked. In the early hours of my last day I contemplated our collective beginning. With newly-nibbled nails I tapped out the result of that week’s […]

The D-I-Yers: Part two to complete the story

The first half of this story appeared in my previous blog. Muriel only wants to welcome and help the young couple who have moved in next door. Read that first half and then read on… “Fat chance,” — HIS voice again — “You’ve got me penned in here, bugging me until I co-operate.” Something was […]

The D-I-Yers (Part One: the rest tomorrow)

This story is from my second anthology MORE REASONS FOR A LATE NIGHT, and it’s futuristic. It celebrates those who try to do “things” naturally — while noting how people can jump to conclusions. Join Muriel in her quest for NATURAL. A nose for need: a heart to bleed. That’s Muriel. Senior citizens, “good neighbours” […]