Finger-Nibbling at Midnight

A celebration of the Wonderful Words in the World of Freelance Writing.                                                                                                                                                                                 I wrote this after completing a writers’ course on Non-fiction writing.

I recall the writers’ course which got me hooked. In the early hours of my last day I contemplated our collective beginning. With newly-nibbled nails I tapped out the result of that week’s battle.

It had been a period of wavering preconceptions tottered by a torrent of verbal flux. They flailed their clichéd limbs and gasped in their death throes “But I was up in the wee hours doing this!”

Economy fought Enthusiasm, arriving at an uneasy truce.

We wallowed in words like a bunch of chocolate-starved kids let loose with a bulging box of the real thing. Litotes met Ellipsis in a Hyperbolic frenzy of truncated rhetoric! The battle over, Onomatopoeia oozed down our chins and dropped into tightly crafted phrases.

All this had a cost. Expert use of the Elements cooks up a good brew, but neither Irony nor Press Guides relate to what my husband has to do these mornings to get a shirt to wear. There are rejection slips aplenty, but my heartfelt purpose is to learn how to turn Outcome into Income.

We had found that not all Stringers are under the floorboards, and neither do House Styles have architectural significance. Has investigative journalism really proved that Crop Marks are straight, and not left by extraterrestrials? Going Full-out may mean no indentations, but it’s too much of a risk in the family car!

While Drop-downs are not undies with weak elastic, you may indeed have drop-downs in Profiles without having to call in the chap who does face-lifts. Kill fees are not what you pay assassins, neither is a Breakout a matter for the Police.

For all that I’d lost a few good fingernails, I’d found something else to gnaw on. And dined well since, with a few “just desserts”.

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