Puzzle Answers…. Mental Flexibility

These are the answers to the 20-question puzzle posted yesterday.

Please don’t peep until you’ve had a go!!

If you’d like some harder associations, please make a COMMENT. How many scored 20/20 or very close?

  1. 54 Cards in a Deck (with a Jack).
  2. 26 Letters of the Alphabet.
  3. 12 Signs of the Zodiac.
  4. 1001 Arabian Nights.
  5. 88 Piano Keys.
  6. 18 Holes in a Golf Course.
  7. 4 Quarts in a Gallon.
  8. 24 Hours in a Day.
  9. 29 Days in February in a Leap Year.
  10. 80 Days to Go Around the World.
  11. 2 is the Number it Takes to Tango.
  12. 8 Sides on an Octagon.
  13. 7 Days in a Week.
  14. 1,000 Metres in a Kilometre.
  15. 12 Numbers on a Clock.
  16. 40 Days and Nights of the Great Flood.
  17. 13 in a Baker’s Dozen
  18. 13 Stripes on the American Flag.
  19. 39 Books in the Old Testament.
  20. 30 Days in September, April, June and November.

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