“Alternative medicine” — attitudes

As of this year I’m about nine years down the track after a cancer diagnosis and I know that alternative therapies helped me through, with no medical interventions other than eventual surgery. After puzzling about the attitudes of most people (friends, family, public, health professionals) to “alternative medicine” I’ve concluded that their reasons for sidelining […]

The Potential for NASTY

Last week I attended the movie THE EXPERIMENTER out of interest since it featured what appeared to be Sociological content. My background of teacher training many moons ago included learning of some of the experiments which, I was to discover, were covered in the movie. I couldn’t call it ‘entertainment’, and in fact people ahead of me […]

A Matter of Course

Not much thinking is needed to realise that what the current younger generation sees as an expected right or resource may well have been entirely absent two generations ago. And what were accepted practices then, may now — sadly or gladly — be absent. My most shattering eye-opener was at a family reunion when Dad gave […]


THORNICROFT HOUSE publishing is out there — in a very small way, but shortly to have a website. It comes as part of the trend for “indie” publishers. To put it simply: The way things are going, it’s extremely hard for a writer to be published by a mainstream publisher at that publisher’s expense. It […]

Free Offer, Extended Deadline

Had he consulted me, things might — WOULD — have been done otherwise. But he didn’t ask, just went ahead and spoke the Word, turning Intention into Invention, turning Nothing into Something. Unasked, all we can do is call it the Big Bang and ponder the consequences. He populated this world with so many beautiful […]

Hello world!

As part of the generation which did NOT grow up with computers, I am one of those who must of necessity “go out and ask a ten-year-old!” — or ask my children, who are a little older than that. I am so in awe of those in my age-group who have become very much accustomed […]