My wish for this Christmas and New Year: Restoration

I have lots of wishes for the Christmas season and for 2019, but one in particular for all of my online friends and anyone else who really wants 2019 to be better than 2018 in some specific way. Firstly, when we contemplate the real origin of Christmas it’s easier to feel at peace with others and […]

The D-I-Yers (Part One: the rest tomorrow)

This story is from my second anthology MORE REASONS FOR A LATE NIGHT, and it’s futuristic. It celebrates those who try to do “things” naturally — while noting how people can jump to conclusions. Join Muriel in her quest for NATURAL. A nose for need: a heart to bleed. That’s Muriel. Senior citizens, “good neighbours” […]

When Cancer goes shopping

Cancer likes to give itself a capital C. And it likes to call the shots. What would the Big C choose if it had the freedom of my supermarket? I don’t imagine it would be impressed by the vegetable and meat departments and deli which it must first pass through. Nothing much of interest there!  […]

The Frustrated Gardener

Beautiful, vibrant gardens both thrill and depress me. I am horticulturally challenged, and I suspect the condition is terminal. I kill my pots of mint and parsley with consummate ease. My children grew up flattening my azalea shrubs playing cricket, and each time my parents visited they felt obliged to try to ‘rescue’ my garden. I purchased an expensive […]

A letter to “Over-The-Top” Earl

Dear Earl, embarrassing creature… You don’t deserve this — not after yesterday. But being free of you, I’ll probably wax eloquent on your behalf. Now you’re off your home turf, I bet you’re curled in your basket in that doggy-hotel, rolling your eyes as all the others kick up a corporate fuss. When we first […]