Finger-Nibbling at Midnight

A celebration of the Wonderful Words in the World of Freelance Writing.                                                                                                                                                                                 I wrote this after completing a writers’ course on Non-fiction writing. I recall the writers’ course which got me hooked. In the early hours of my last day I contemplated our collective beginning. With newly-nibbled nails I tapped out the result of that week’s […]

The D-I-Yers: Part two to complete the story

The first half of this story appeared in my previous blog. Muriel only wants to welcome and help the young couple who have moved in next door. Read that first half and then read on… “Fat chance,” — HIS voice again — “You’ve got me penned in here, bugging me until I co-operate.” Something was […]

Another anthology from THORNICROFT HOUSE

Announcing MORE REASONS FOR A LATE NIGHT… As promised, there is now a second anthology of sixteen short stories with a similar variety to the first. Seven of them have been placed in competitions, read over the radio and/or published in magazines. All are written by Felicity Logan and none are more than 11 pages. […]

Woe Betidings [a Medieval story]

If you like cryptic writing this may be to your taste. For a competition I had to write “Purple Prose” which also had to include as many “purple” words as possible. I’ve italicised the “purple” words which sometimes require the spelling to be a little (shall we say) ‘mangled’. Since it’s set in Medieval times, I’ve […]

Interview: Rangitawa Publishing

I’d like to use my WordPress blogSpot to introduce Jill Darragh who runs Rangitawa Publishing, Feilding, New Zealand. Hers is a service provider publishing business that helps authors to self-publish their works for a low fee. I asked her the following questions: Jill, how does your business go about its work? We use digital publishing […]


Fresh off the press is FIFTEEN REASONS FOR A LATE NIGHT, the first of a series of Short Story Anthologies. The stories, written by Felicity Logan, vary from humorous letters and whimsical tales to speculative and science fiction. Some deal with topics such as retaining independence in old age, intersections in Time, and disturbing family secrets. […]

Hello world!

As part of the generation which did NOT grow up with computers, I am one of those who must of necessity “go out and ask a ten-year-old!” — or ask my children, who are a little older than that. I am so in awe of those in my age-group who have become very much accustomed […]